Completed Contracts


*—–Generals Quarters–Ole Historical, Fort McCellan Alabama.
Miss Betty’s Place!!

*—–Many, homes, businesses, just like yours

*—–US Army Female WAC Museum–Fort McCellan, Alabama.

*—–Old Constitution Hall—Huntsville, Ala.

*—–NASA-High Pressure Air System–with over, 600-ton cooling tower, water cooling tower, piping valves, controls, with over 900-weld joints, each with double, Radio Graphic X-Ray Photos, of each weld joint: Future, Tested at 7,500-PSI, cleaned, certified, by independent certification laboratory, approved, and accepted by–NASA Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Old Woody Anderson Ford Facilities– Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Addition To, Mayfair Church Of Christ —Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Regions Bank Facilities–South Parkway– Huntsville, Ala.

*—–New-500-ton Trane Centrifugal Chiller Machine, cooling, Apparatus Refrigeration, contraption thing, of, a me jig, with, Connecting Piping, and automatic control system, For The US Army–Redstone, Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Alabama Rehab Center-Huntsville, Alabama.

*—–Latham Methodist Church–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Central Bank Facilities–Scottsboro, Ala.

*—–350-Ton Trane Centrifugal chiller, with valves, and piping, auto controls.  US Army–Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

*—–Ed-White School–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Addition to-Huntsville High School– Huntsville, Ala.

*—–New Carrier– 500 Ton Centrifugal Chiller, Cooling Apparatus–thing of a me jig, with new matching, 600-ton, Connecting cooling Tower, Including All Piping, 5–15–HP water pumps, and automatic Control system.–U.S. Army–Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Monrovia School–Madison County, Ala.

*—–Neiborhood Recreation Facilities–Hartselle, Ala.

*—–Noise Reduction, and Testing Facilities–The Boeing Company– Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–100-ton, 5-stage, air cooled water chiller, with pumps, piping, and auto controls—US Army Redstone, Arsenal Alabama

*—–Addition To Weatherly Heights School–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–South Central Bell- Automated Switching Facility– Hartselle, Ala.

——Neighborhood Recreation Center– Guntersville, Ala.

*—–U.S. Army Micro-Calibration Facilities–Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Montview School –Huntsville, Ala

*—–New School Building–Hartselle, Morgan County, Alabama

*—–Cafeteria Modifications–Old Historical Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—–Madison Cross Roads School–Madison County Alabama

*—–New, 8-inch, Gas Piping System, With its Foxboro Automatic Control System For,
Wolverine Tubes, new Copper-Foundry Facilities, Decatur, Ala.

*—–Military Police Training Facilities –Old Hisorical, Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—–New Multi-Story Library Building-Facility, For–Martin College.–Pulaski Tenn.

*—–Many/Many hundreds, of Homes, and Businesses, Within North Alabama Region.

*—–Oakwood College Church–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–NASA Mechanical Modifications-Package No. 3–Redstone Arsenal Alabama

*—–Mechanical Contract For, for New Lecture Hall Facilities, John C. Calhoun College, Decatur, Ala.—-BEYOND NATE==”WE ARE YOUR MASTER COMFORT CRAFTSMAN.”

*—–We are your, “Master Comfort Craftsmen,” serving Huntsville, Madison County, and all of North Ala.

*—–Oakwood College Administration Building– Oakwood College–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Let us Do It Right, for You, The First Time!!!! This, shall save you money, in future maintenance, and operating costs.

*—–New Technical School Training Facilities–Athens, Alabama

*—–NASA Mechanical Modification-Package No. 9–Redstone Arsenal Alabama.

*—–New Science Building, Oakwood College–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–First Bible Church Addition –Athens, Ala.

*—–NASA Mechanical Package No. 6—NASA-Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

*—–NASA Mechanical System, for Computer Room Facilities—NASA- Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–U.S. Army WAC Museum–Old Historical, Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—–Many Hundreds Of Homes, And Businesses, just like yours.

*—-Shopping Center Stores–Belt way Mall–Decatur, Ala.

*—–Security Savings, and Loan Facilities–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–New Athletic and Gymnasium Facilities–Madison Academy, Madison, Tenn.

*—–Lakewood Methodist Church-Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Thousands, of homes, and businesses, just like yours.

*—–Shops, Stores, within New Shopping Center–Oakwood Avenue–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Modifications to Cafeteria–Old Historical, Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—-New City Administration Facilities, with, New Lock Down, Lock up, Crow Bar Hotel- Facilities–Stephenson, Ala.

*—–Military Police Training Facilities, Old Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—–New Lawrenceburgh Hospital– Lawrenceburgh, Tenn.

*—–Union National Bank–Fayetteville, Tenn.

*—–Blue Springs Baptist Church–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–New Hollywood School–Jackson County, Ala.

*—–Mechanical Modifications-Building 5678-Redstone Arsenal, Including–250-Ton Chiller apparatus, cooling tower-with piping, auto controls, and 200K, square feet, of air distribution duct work. With, Five multi-zone air handling systems.

*—–Gas Service Facilities–City of Fayetteville, Tenn.

*—–Hillsboro Baptist Church Addition–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Under ground, High Pressure Nitrogen piping System–NASA Facilities, Redstone, Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Brooks Drug Store–Jacksonville, Ala.–My salesman ship, college professor, during one, of our class sessions, mentioned the fact, provided some one, might be seeking a sales lead, as he discussed ways, of which one might find new leads, he stated, by approaching him, they would find a potential, new lead, for a new water cooling tower, for his current air conditioning system, which served his store, located upon, The Town Square, of the
city Of Jacksonville, Alabama. At the present time, he was using, city water,in order to cool, his AC cooling apparatus, costing him a bundle of $$$. This, was an old ancient, water cooled system, which wasted much water, without a cooling tower. This was the era, Prior to this new fandango Era, providing us with, the new air cooled condensing systems, as we know them presently.
After the class had ended, I approached him, and held him, to his word. I sold him, my very first sales contract. Only a few days later, my brothers company, installed his, brand new, old styled fandango, his new
apparatus, thing of, a-me-jig. This, thing was out of style as quickly, as it was installed, as the new era was here upon us, the new air cooled Condensing Apparatusssessessss. Well, he could not go back, upon his word, as the entire class, heard him, as he made, his statement.===Truly, I showed him!!! $$$$$$$:-)) hee-hee- haw!!!!! Well, it provided me, with some gas funds/money, gas costing an outrageous, price of, $.249-per gallon, a tank of gas would truly, set you back some. Yes, approximately, $3.00/$4.00.!!!!
When, would this outrage, ever end?? One would cry out aloud!!!! When/When??? May I ask!!!???   ===Where is the end, to this crazy madness???!!!!  This must be, it most positively is, a Cumminist conspiracy, created in an attempt, to run us, Christian folk bankrupt, and crazy. 

*—–Addition, to Huntsville High School– Huntsville, Ala.

*—–Four-New Buildings-For The Development of the, Tow Missile System Development Facilities–US- ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS-Redstone Arsenal, Ala.

*—–Military Police Training Facilities –Old Historical, Fort McCellan, Ala.

*—–New Restaurant–Davey-Crocket State Park-Tennessee

*—–First Bible Church–Huntsville, Ala.

*—–First Bible Church–Athens, Ala.

*—–Old State Employment Building– Huntsville, Ala.

*—–New Restaurant, Henry Horton State Park–Tennessee

*—–One must always remember, there shall, always be someone, whom are willing, to cut corners, cut their quality, to a lower price level, however, some charge even, an additional amount, for their low quality,
provided, products, or services. There, shall always be, another person, whom will be willing, to put their family at risk by, taking them up, on their seemingly, mistaken bargain.

This, is one way, folk, get ripped off, upon each, and every day.

I have witnessed this myself, for the past, 60–years, with no foreseeable ending, within sight.

Folk, whom chase, some name brand, of equipment, paying absolutely, no respect to the folk, whom shall be installing, or how they might install it, or performing, service, upon the stuff.